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If you have been shopping for a new home, you may have seen homes listed as FSBO. This article will go over what the term means and some advantages and disadvantages of this type of listing. 

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What Is FSBO?

A home listed as FSBO or “for sale by owner” simply means the seller does not have a listing agent. A seller will choose this option for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that the seller won’t have to pay commission fees to a listing agent. However, there are expenses related to FSBO sales, such as paying the buyer’s agent commission, which is typically 2% to 3% of the offer price.

FSBO homes are eligible for financing. However, there are some things that both sellers and buyers should be aware of.

How Does FSBO Work?

FSBO homes represent about 7% of all homes sold. In FSBO transactions, the seller assumes the responsibilities and risks of completing the sale. Additionally, the seller is responsible for:

  • Determining the asking price by looking at comparable homes in the area.
  • Marketing the sale of the home to potential buyers.
  • Staging the home and providing showings to potential sellers.
  • Having the deed signed, prepared, and notarized.
  • Handling all closing paperwork.

Benefits Of FSBO Homes (Sellers)

Some benefits to sellers of FSBO homes are that they can walk away with more money in their pockets since they don’t have to pay commission. They also have more control over the sales process. 

As the seller, you are more familiar with your home and neighborhood. Therefore, you can communicate to potential buyers all the perks of living in the home. 

Benefits Of FSBO Homes (Buyers)

The benefit for buyers of FSBO homes is that they get to work directly with the homeowner. There is no middleman to get information that only someone who has inhabited the home can have. You don’t have to work through an agent to schedule a showing either. 

By working directly with the owner, you would have more information about the neighborhood and the overall condition of the house, as well as any repairs that have been made. Also, the negotiation process time is lessened because you don’t have to go through different parties to submit offers and counteroffers. You talk directly to the owner face-to-face and reach an agreement quickly.

Potential Drawbacks When Buying FSBO Homes and Properties

One of the main benefits of having a listing agent is familiarity with the process. Since most sellers have only sold a few homes, there is a greater chance of making costly mistakes. Also, fewer buyers will look at the home if the seller lists it for too much money. Setting the price too low reduces profits, which might end up being more expensive than using a realtor.

Additionally, an FSBO home could present legal risks if the documents are not drawn up properly. Therefore, cutting corners and saving a little money could be more costly in the long run.

Tips When Dealing With a For Sale By Owner as a Buyer

As a buyer considering an FSBO transaction, having a buyer’s agent can protect you against inexperienced FSBO sellers. Your agent will negotiate the terms of your sale on your behalf and handle the paperwork for you. This is particularly crucial if the seller handles their paperwork because your agent will ensure that everything is in order so that you don’t encounter any issues. 

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