If you are a real estate investor in Denver and looking for a loan source, Capital Fund 1 may be the right choice for your project. Dealing with a bank can present a variety of challenges, and it is often a longer process than you want it to be. For Denver hard money loans, this is a way to work directly with the lender, saving you money and time. 

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Type of Loans Available in Denver, Colorado

Capital Fund 1 is a private money lender that offers loans for a variety of real estate projects.

The type of loans available include:

  • Fix and flip
  • Buy and hold
  • Ground-up construction
  • Horizontal development
  • Commercial bridge
  • Land and lots
  • Major remodel
  • Foreclosure auction
  • Multi-family

The only types they do not offer are manufactured homes and owner-occupied loans. Whether you are new to real estate investing or you are a seasoned professional, Capital Fund 1 provides you with the money you need to start and complete your property.

How the Loan Process Works

Since Capital Fund 1 has in-house underwriting, your request for money can be processed and completed in a short amount of time. Once you have an accepted purchase contract, complete an application for a loan. You should receive an approval within 48 hours or less, and once you accept the loan quote, the deal can be closed within only 24 hours or when you need it to fund. Loan terms vary depending on the specific situation.

Unlike requesting a loan from a traditional bank, with Capital Fund 1 you do not need to submit a bunch of paperwork such as income statements or tax returns, and they do not require a credit check.

When you work with Capital Fund 1, you are working with private loan experts who can provide personalized solutions for your lending needs. With years of experience, they can answer any questions you may have about the type of loan you are requesting or about the process itself. They will also stick by the original deal and refrain from raising your rates suddenly or adding on prepayment penalties.

Contact Capital Fund 1

When looking for hard money loans in Denver, consider Capital Fund 1 for fast turn-around approval and dedicated professionals. Contact us to apply for a real estate loan or to speak to one of their experienced professionals. Applying for money is easy, and you can get started on your project quickly.

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Denver, CO 80202

1425 Market St, Suite 225


Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

(720) 432-2947

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