FAQ Section


If a payoff is requested for a date after the 10th of the month and payment has not been made, a late fee will be included. However, if a payment is made before the 10th, an updated payoff may be requested and will no longer show that late fee.

That is our "Broker" fee which is just the cost to release the lien on the property and record that release with county.

Payoffs are typically sent within 1 business day, however please be sure to get in touch with your Account Manager to confirm.

All interest is paid in arears. (Ex. June payment is for the interest of May)

Please email your account manager to request a Satisfaction of Debt letter.

Lien releases are typically recorded with the county 30 business days after the loan has paid off in full.

Account Inquiry

To reset your portal password please go to the Borrower Portal Log in Mortgage Servicing, Loan Servicing Software | Contact Information (borrowersviewcentral.com) Click the Forgot password? link, enter loan number as account and a rest link will be sent to the email we have on file.

To give authorization to a business or person, we need something in writing from the borrower. This can be a signed document sent to us or borrower giving authorization from the email we have on file.

If you cannot locate your account manager please fill out the contact form located on the Account Manager page.

Signed loan documents can be sent upon request.


The Maturity Date is when a loan comes to term. Loans will come to term on the 1st of the month, but we provide a grace period through to the end of that maturity date's month to be able to extend, refi, or payoff the loan without penalty. (For example, if a loan's maturity date is April 1st, the grace period to payoff, refi or extend is April 30th before it can be penalized)

We send this as a courtesy to remind our borrowers that their loan is about to come to term.

This is a final notice to remind our borrowers that their loan is coming to term as default starts accruing the 1st of the next month.

Typically if you do not believe that you will be able to refinance or payoff the loan in time, you should submit an extension request to your account manager. Utilize the 30 and 10 day maturity notices to help you determine if you should seek an extension.

Our system will NOT accept payments when a loan goes past maturity (term). Please get in touch with your account manager in this situation to discuss options to bring your loan up to date.

This is an automated email that our system sends, and does not recognize when a loan is pending extension. If you are working with someone on an extension, you do not have to let your account manager know.


As Capital Fund I, LLC is not a traditional mortgage lender, we do not distribute 1098's. However, a statement of account may be requested from your account manager, and that can assist you with obtaining the tax information you are looking for. Upon request, please give your account manager a day to send over the statement of account.