At Capital Fund 1 in the Dallas area, we understand the unique financial issues facing real estate investors in Texas. When you need funding for your real estate project, we are committed to getting the deal done in an effective and time-efficient manner. As your most reliable hard money lender in Dallas, TX, we have the experience, innovation, and responsiveness to make sure you get the funds you need the right way. Working with one of our Dallas hard money lenders, you’ll begin to understand why so many are trusting their real estate investments to us.

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How does Our Loan Process work?


Hard money lending doesn’t have to be mysterious, and at Capital Fund 1, our Dallas investment loans are straightforward. Instead of giving you thousands of pages of paperwork to complete and hours’ worth of reading materials, our loan application process is finished in three easy steps.

  1. Submit your Contract – Our online application is quick and easy to fill out and submit with required documentation. These documents include photos of the property, planned improvements, and the real estate purchase contract.
  2. Capital Fund 1 Underwrites the Loan – The next step is waiting for us to underwrite the loan. With our in-house team, your deal is reviewed as quickly as the day you apply, and we’ll send out the terms in just a few hours. 
  3. Loan Funded! – Working with someone on our team in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ll decide on a closing date, collect the insurance documents, title, and escrow documents, and you could have the financing you need in just one day.

We can complete the loan process quickly because we’re an asset-based lender, meaning we focus your funds on the actual property instead of your credit score. We don’t check credit, require third-party appraisals, or look over your personal finances.

Another reason the loans at Capital Fund 1 move more quickly than others is because of our dedicated team. With over 170 years of experience combined, our lending and investing experience are top-notch.

The Services We Provide Clients in the Dallas Area

Nobody is more important than our real estate loan clients. At Capital Fund 1, we make our clients a priority with several services to meet their real estate investment needs. Some of our loan options include:

  • Bridge Loans – When you need financing but don’t have access to a permanent solution, bridge loans cover the gap. They are helpful when you need to act immediately on a real estate deal but don’t have the funds you need quite yet.
  • Buy and Hold Loans – When compared to other types of loans, a buy and hold loan typically has a slightly lower rate with a little longer term. These loans are meant for investors who want to maintain a property while it is being held.
  • Construction Loans – Just like it sounds, a construction loan is meant to fund construction projects. We make it easy to structure your construction loan to fit within the parameters of your specific project.
  • Fix and Flip Loans – Our Dallas fix & flip loans are meant to assist investors who plan to fix up a property and sell it for profit. These loans have shorter timelines, low fees, and cover both acquisition and rehabilitation of the property.
  • Lot and Land Loans – Our lot and land loans can be funded in as little as two days with the possibility of borrowing up to 70% of the purchase price. Prepayment penalties are not included.
  • Major Remodel and Addition Loans – With a major remodel or addition loan, you can meet the demands of the cost to purchase a property and upgrade or repair it. 
  • Trustee Loans – When a borrower defaults after 30 days, a trustee will need to begin foreclosure and auction. Real estate investors are allowed to bid on the property. The winning investor can receive financing through Capital Fund 1.
  • Access to our Underwriting Software – Get ahead of the game by comping out your property with the same tool our underwriting team uses to determine our loan amount while also making sure your offer on a property is a good deal or not.

Contact Us Today and Let’s Discuss Your Dallas Real Estate Investing Needs

At Capital Fund 1 in Dallas, TX, we want to help you obtain the financing you need for your next real estate investment. Whether you’re working on a construction project, want to fix and flip an old home, or need to bridge the gap between two real estate transactions, we have the services you need to succeed.

As your Dallas hard money lenders, we never look at your personal tax returns, don’t check credit, don’t impose prepayment penalties, and don’t take months to complete your transaction. Contact us today so we can discuss your real estate investing needs.

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