Capital Fund 1 Account Manager System

Your account manager is the representative with whom you will have the most one-on-one interaction with about your loan once it closes. They oversee the daily, routine tasks involved with addressing your needs and concerns and maintaining your account activities. Your account manager is the point of contact for all customer support and technical assistance. Account managers work closely with the sales team to ensure that your loans serviced properly and efficiently.

How it Works

We’re committed to investing in our borrowers success, which is why we’re introducing our brand new account manager system. We heard your concerns and set out to fix our internal systems. When you close a loan from this point forward, your will be assigned your very own account manager!

Close a loan

Once you close a loan with us, an account manager will be assigned to you that will be your point of contact from this point forward.

Have Questions About your loan?

Direct all questions about your loan to your account manger, not your originator.

Need a Payoff?

To request a payoff, please email your Account Manager as soon as possible, at least three business days before your target closing date. To ensure a seamless process, please include: 

  • Loan number
  • Property Address 
  • Title information (if applicable) 

Moving Forward

For new loans, terms will still be discussed with your loan officer, but you will maintain the same account manager on further projects.

Building Relationships

We hope this new system will eliminate headaches and continue to foster long standing relationships between us and our borrowers be cause none of this would be possible without you

Contact Your Account Manager