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If you are looking to invest smarter, Capital Fund 1 can help you with a private hard money loan. As a direct hard money lender in Phoenix, AZ, you can work with one of our knowledgeable loan originators who will guide you through the process of real estate investing in this fast-growing city and throughout other cities in Arizona. There are many advantages to investing in the fifth-largest city in the United States.

Choosing a Phoenix Hard Money Lender

Phoenix’s 44 million yearly visitors create a strong demand for rental properties and property growth in general. Whether you’re looking to fix and flip a house or purchase a vacation rental property, Phoenix is a competitive city to choose for your real estate investment. However, Phoenix is an especially strong choice with plenty of real estate potential. If you’re looking for an experienced Phoenix hard money lender, Capital Fund 1 can provide the loan you need to jumpstart your real estate investment.

Private Lending for Hard Money Loan Programs in Phoenix, AZ

When you need cash quickly, trying to get a traditional loan from a bank may take too long and will not guarantee funding. If you are looking for a better way to receive expeditious funding for an important project in Phoenix, a hard money loan from Capital Fund 1 may be a good option for you. As a short-term loan option, hard money loans have a few significant benefits.

How Does a Hard Money Loan Differ from a Traditional Loan?

When you apply for a traditional loan, most banks and lenders scrutinize your debt-to-income ratio, credit score, and employment stability to ensure your ability to pay back their loan in full. Hard money is more often based on the value of the collateral you use to secure the loan. Therefore, your cash flow is less important because the collateral can be sold to recuperate the losses of the lender. Hard money loans tend to be short-term loans, in part due to higher interest rates than traditional loans. However, this should not be a surprise when you search for higher-risk loans that require less paperwork and have more flexible terms.

How Do Hard Money Loans Work?

The underwriting process differs from lender to lender. Most hard money lenders look at applications individually and offer funds on a case by case basis. The amount an applicant receives is based on a loan-to-value ratio set by the lender. For an LTV of 50%, the loan amount will be half of the value of whatever assets are used for collateral. Capital Fund 1 made the process even easier with a three-step process for securing a loan.

  • Submit a signed purchase contract
  • Underwrite loan
  • Loan funded

Capital Fund 1 makes it fast and simple for you to secure a hard money loan for construction, commercial projects, land and lot transactions, and fix and flip projects. Some loans may be approved and funded in as little as 24 hours with no credit check or tax information required.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans

Real estate is a diverse industry. There are many reasons why you may be looking for a real estate loan, so we’ve provided several loan programs to help fit your needs. When you’re growing a business or flipping a house you need a reliable loan to suit circumstances. Choose from these excellent loan programs:

When you’re preparing your application for a loan, remember to choose the correct type of loan for your project. As you can see, we will help you finance almost any real estate investment opportunity in the state. Consider which loan type best fits your plan before applying. You’ll need to have title and hazard insurance on your property before receiving a loan.

Learn more about our Private Money Loan Programs

Rates Fee LTC* LTV* Term Prepayment Penalty?
Fix and Flip (Acquisition Only) 10.9%-15.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products. 90% 75% 6-12 Month NO LEARN MORE...
Buy and Hold 10.9%-14.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products. 85% 70% 12-24 Months NO LEARN MORE...
Fix and Flip (Major Remodel) 10.9%-14.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products. 85% 70% 12-24 Months NO LEARN MORE...
Commercial 9.9%-13.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products. 80% 70% 12-24 Months Deal by Deal LEARN MORE...
Construction /Development 9.9%-13.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products. 70% 70% 12-24 Months Deal by Deal LEARN MORE...
Land/Lots 10.9%-14.9% Fees are low as a $999 doc fee and no points on residential products.s 70% 65% 12-24 Months Deal by Deal LEARN MORE...

* Maximum
** Additional Fees May Apply

Choosing a Phoenix Asset-Based Hard Money Lender Like Capital Fund 1

At Capital Fund 1, we employ a team of friendly professionals who can help you find the right loan program for your investment opportunity. Here are a few more reasons to choose Capital Fund 1:

  • Financing starting at 9.9 percent (10.8 percent APR, assuming a loan amount of $200,000, $900 doc fee, and a 6-month term)
  • Experts in commercial, development, construction, and residential financing
  • Asset-based loans (no invasive credit checks)
  • In-house underwriting
  • We close loans in about 24 hours
  • Innovative and dynamic deal structures
  • Online payments

With our diverse range of loans, you’re able to borrow up to $10,000,000 for real estate investment purchases. Capital Fund 1 doesn’t deal with credit checks, credit scores, or other stringent application checks. Instead, we use your real estate as collateral. This means you’ll be able to get funding fast and close on prime real estate deals efficiently. When opportunity strikes, we’re ready to close your investment property purchase.

From new commercial construction to building a home from scratch, our team can help you choose the right loan based on your real estate needs. Take a look at our loan programs available to find the right option for you.

Apply for Phoenix Hard Money Loans & Private Financing from Capital Fund 1

While Phoenix continues to grow and become more diverse, now is the perfect time to invest in real estate in this city. Finding a real estate investment that fits your needs doesn’t have to be stressful or taxing, especially if you work with Capital Fund 1, a leading hard money lender in Phoenix. We not only want to help you achieve your investment goals, but we want your real estate venture to thrive and make an impact. Submit your loan request today and be a part of why Phoenix’s real estate market is one of the best in the nation.

For fast funding on your next project, Capital Fund 1 wants to work with you. With impressive client satisfaction, more than a century of combined experience, and a commitment to long-term business relationships, we want to help you and your business grow. If you are a real estate investor, Capital Fund 1 is an excellent choice for you. Contact us today to find out more from a private money loan expert and apply for a hard money loan.

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