Real estate can be a prime investment, but capitalizing on business opportunities requires speed and precision. When you’re waiting for a mortgage to be approved, those opportunities can pass you by.

Instead of relying on a month-long process, why not take an alternative route? When you apply for investment property loans, you can snatch up real estate in Loveland, CO, that you may have otherwise missed out on.

Get Approved Even If You’ve Been Rejected Before

Hard money land loans focus on property value, not your credit score. This means that even if your credit is less than ideal, you may still be able to qualify for this financing.

Access Cash Fast

Since the focus is on property value, there’s less paperwork to submit and review. Mortgage approval takes so long because lenders have to verify a catalog of information, including your income and credit history. Without these cumbersome reviews, you can get funding quickly — in 24 hours, in some cases.

Leverage Your Position for Favorable Sales

Buying prime property in Loveland, CO, isn’t easy, you’re likely competing with other buyers, which can drive up the price of real estate. However, having cash on hand can give you the leverage you need to negotiate a great deal. Sellers are often willing to accept a lower price if it means getting guaranteed funds and closing quickly.

Use Financing for a Range of Purposes

In addition to having a fast processing time, hard money loans can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, there are different types of financing tailored toward specific needs:

  • Construction Loans
  • Fix and flip loans
  • Multi-family loan
  • Refinancing

No matter your goals, there’s lending that can help you get there.

Take Advantage of Real Estate Opportunities in Loveland, CO

Getting a hard money loan isn’t just about accessing funds — it can also help you get an edge when competing with other buyers. Having quick cash can be great leverage and help you negotiate a sale in your favor.

Additionally, you have a chance to purchase real estate even if your credit is less than ideal. Since the emphasis is on the property, you can qualify for hard money financing even if you’ve been turned down for traditional mortgages in the past.

Start Your Application Today

If you want to purchase real estate in Loveland, CO, Capital Fund 1 is here to help. Our experts are happy to walk you through the application process and review all the benefits of partnering with our company. For more information or to get started, give us a call at (480) 889-6100 or contact us online.


Photo Credit: Ann Cantelow