The government shutdown has been affecting many people across the united states. One area that it is beginning to drive deep into is SBA loans, also known as small business administration loans. These loans make it impossible to get a commercial loan that is often used for purchasing land and commercial properties, as well as other purposes.

When SBA loans fail an investor, they may need to seek alternative financing or wait out the government shutdown. With the way things are going, the alternative financing route may be the best choice to get financed as quickly as possible. Capital Fund 1 specializes in commercial bridge loans that effectively take the place of an SBA loan and are easy to refinance out of once an investor has long term financing lined up.

By choosing to get a private money loan in the place of an SBA loan investors can avoid the risk of a deal falling through, which could cost them significantly. If a seller decides to not push back a closing date agreement, a real estate investor could lose the escrow money that they had been given to the seller. Another risk that buyers take on is the seller could become impatient and sell to a cash buyer instead. While it wouldn’t be a loss of your escrow money, it could be a loss to a business opportunity.

Using an interim loan, or a commercial bridge loan could be the exact thing that you need to save your real estate investment from falling through during the government shut down.

So how else can you use a private money loan from Capital Fund 1? Maybe you aren’t looking at a commercial property, but we also fund construction, land acquisition and development, as well as non-owner-occupied residential investment real estate purchases and refinances. Typically we are able to provide a same day loan quote, or a loan quote in 24 hours to help real estate investors and developers work towards closing a real estate purchase on time.