Our Capital Fund 1 Colorado Office is Moving to a New Location – Here’s Why!

A graphic with our new office location in the Denver Market.

Why the Move? We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you, our fellow real estate investors! After thorough consideration and planning, we have decided to move our Colorado office to a brand-new, strategically located facility in Downtown Denver. This move is driven by our commitment

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Three Tips for Buying a House Through an Estate Sale

fsbo loans

Growing your portfolio of properties is one of the best ways to become successful in the real estate business. Real estate investors can often maximize their buying opportunities by finding properties that need some cosmetic improvements. Such homes might be available at low prices, then might sell

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Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate Investors

asset based lending 1

It is hard to find success in real estate investing without ample capital. Fortunately for investors, asset-based financing offers a way to get funds quickly. If you need a loan to invest in real estate, asset-based lending might be faster and easier than taking a loan from

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How to Find a Pocket Listing

In the world of real estate, “pocket listing” is a term that many people are unfamiliar with. For buyers and sellers, understanding the concept of pocket listings can be a major advantage.  In this guide, we will address key questions such as: What are pocket listings? What

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Changing Markets Create Opportunities

Dear Real Estate Investors, The real estate market is changing, there is no doubt about that. As the Fed has continued to raise interest rates to combat inflation demand has decreased because buyers are getting “priced out” and can no longer afford the home they desire. Some

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