Private Money Lender for Home Addition and Home Remodel Loans in Irving

Fixing and flipping a property may seem like a simple concept where you buy, remodel, and sell, but there’s much more to it. You have to find the right deal, the right contractor, the right financing, a decision on what to repair, make sure all the repairs are made, value the property, and then sell it. If you want nice profits from remodeling a rehab property, you need to do things right. Many people hate the idea of redoing the interior, moving walls, or adding square feet to add value, but you can make a significant profit with determination and if you get the right financing.

Major Remodel or Home Addition Loan Process

Getting a loan from banks may involve a complex process, not forgetting the frustrations of being denied the much-needed financing. If you’ve found a property that you think is worth investing in but feel overwhelmed by the amount of remodeling or repair required, Capital Fund 1 is your trusted private money lender. Our major remodel-addition loans allow you to roll the costs of upgrades or repair into the loan that you need to buy and remodel a distressed property.

Finance Programs With Significant Rewards From Capital Fund I

At Capital Fund 1, we make major remodel financing as seamless as can be. In fact, we prefer to think of remodeling from a diverse perspective; it’s truly an incremental type of investment that will bring with it significant returns for you. Our financing programs cover all major remodel needs. So, whether you are looking to revamp a residential or commercial property to rent or sell, we can get it financed without the burden of upfront costs.

Benefits of our home remodel loans include:

  • Simplicity: Requires one application and one closing
  • One Loan: The loan covers the purchase amount, as well as renovation costs without taking out multiple loans
  • Faster Finish: Remodeling work commences once funding or closing is complete

With Capital Fund 1 major remodel and addition loans, you can borrow up to the value of the property, plus the repair costs.

Some of the projects that qualify include:

  • Foundation or other structural repairs
  • Major remodeling projects that necessitate structural changes
  • New constructions such as extensions and additional rooms
  • Improvements or repairs that take over six months

Find the Right Loan From Capital Fund I in Carrollton

With our loans, you’ll be able to merge the purchase price of the property and the cost of upgrades or repair into a single loan. We offer a maximum of 80% Loan to Total Project Cost and to qualify for rehab financing the remodel budget must be at least $50,000.

With Capital Fund 1 financing, you’ll be equipped to avoid lots of the hassles, travel time, and calls that come with conventional financing. We serve the Irving area, including but not limited to: Lewisville, Addison, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Dallas, and more.

For more information on our Major Remodel-Addition loan program, please fill out the form on the right, or contact us today at (972) 525-5487.