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Buy and Hold Market on the Rise


Buy and Hold LoansMore and more home owners plan on holding onto their property and renting them out. The buy and hold market has been on the rise as many Americans are patiently waiting for the buying house market to boom again.
In a recent article, The MReport stated that more homeowners are planning on renting out properties rather than selling them right away. Many homeowners are currently able to lock in very low mortgage rates and with the rental market being strong this year, the homeowner is then able to charge tenants extra in rent and invest more in the long run.
In a survey conducted by The MReport, only one-quarter of people said that right now is a good time to actually buy a home, which is down 40 percent from last year’s survey. With the Buy and Hold strategy people are able to keep their old home and will not have the fear of possibly becoming homeless such as those who sell quickly but cannot find a new home to live in before they move out.
If you are in the market to buy and hold a property and are in need of a loan, Capital Fund 1 will work closely with you and help you get a Buy and Hold loan today. We offer hard money loans with no qualifying, no credit and funding in 24 hours.
If you have more questions or are interested in a Buy and Hold loan call Capital Fund1 at
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To view the full The MReport article click here

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