We return to visit the Oasis in the Foothills, and bring to you a gorgeous drone video showcasing the hard work of our borrowers coming into fruition.  Last time we touched base on the construction site when the model homes were in their framing stage back in December 2016.  Since then, our borrower, Divinity Homes, has done a lot of work, and has remained on schedule with the new subdivision build.

All the models have had framing completed and windows installed, and two of the models have even had drywall and insulation installed.  For the remaining 4 models that are being built some rough mechanical and electrical work has been completed, and plumbing has been installed.  Though some more work is to be completed in the future, the homes themselves are coming together beautifully and you can already imagine the completed construction with the beautiful townhomes.

When we visited the site was bustling with activity, construction workers adjusting the southwestern entrance onto Liberty Lane to allow for vehicles to enter the site with ease, and others working on or around the models.  Sidewalks and streetlights provided boundaries that differentiated the soon to be street and the land that will become new homes in the Ahwatukee Foothills of Arizona.

In addition to being on their way to being gorgeous homes, the location of this new subdivision is also fantastic.  Across the street there is a charter school, and just to the South of the construction site is a YMCA, and down the street to the northeast a park and commercial center are just a short drive away for future residents shopping needs.

Some of the things that make Oasis in the Foothills a great loan opportunity for us at Capital Fund I is because we are able to assist in bringing a new product, in this case new homes, into the Phoenix Metro Area real estate market, which is struggling to keep up with the demand of people looking to buy a home.  The added aspect of being in close distance to a school that provides education for kindergarten through middle school brings a lot of value to new and growing families, and the shopping and athletic centers close by make for an easy life in the Ahwatukee Foothills.