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Recently Funded: Buy and Hold Loan – Undisclosed

Buy & Hold Loan - Undisclosed

Despite getting a competitive interest rate on this property, this Capital Fund 1 borrower also managed to pay off their buy and hold loan in less than two months with no prepayment penalty!  At Capital Fund 1 we don’t penalize our borrower’s for doing a good job

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Recently Funded: Buy and Hold Loan – Avondale, AZ

Fix and Flip Loan - Avondale

Loan Amount: $100,000 Rate: 11.25% Loan term: 6 Months Property Type: SFR Loan Type: Buy and Hold Capital Fund 1 closed this buy and hold loan in Avondale recently.  Our borrower saw that the rental market in the west valley was growing, especially in cities like Surprise and Glendale.  Choosing to

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Recently Funded: Fix & Flip Loan – Tucson, AZ

Fix and Flip Loan - Tucson

Loan Amount: $120,000 Rate: 11.25% Loan term: 12 Months Property Type: SFR Loan Type: Fix and Flip with Rehab Recently, we closed a fix and flip loan with a Tucson real estate investor who has the ability to see a property for what it could potentially be, and not what it is currently.  Many homes in Tucson, like the

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Recently Funded: Refinanced Fix and Flip Loan – Paradise Valley

Refinanced Fix and Flip Loan - PV

Loan Amount: $1,675,000 Rate: 11.9% Loan term: 12 Months Property Type: Luxury SFR Loan Type: Fix and Flip Re-Fi Refinancing offers a variety of possibilities for a real estate investor.  You can extend the length of your loan, lower your monthly interest payments, or even pull cash out to put

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How to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio

How to Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Are you considering growing a real estate portfolio as a full- or part-time source of income? Real estate in Phoenix has attracted investors from all over the country. That said, new opportunities are undeniably waiting among real estate in Scottsdale and real estate in Tucson, AZ. No

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Getting the Most Money Out of Your Real Estate Investment

Getting the Most Money Out of Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is hot in Arizona – and we don’t just mean real estate in Phoenix. Over the last few years, residential and commercial real estate markets throughout Arizona have offered incredible opportunities to investors of all sizes. That includes real estate in Scottsdale, Tucson, and

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5 Things to Know Before Restoring a Historic Home

Restoring a Historic Home

If you’ve been looking at real estate in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ, you might have noticed something surprising: The amazing opportunities to invest in a historic home in great neighborhoods all throughout the Phoenix metro area. If you choose a historic property for your fix and flip,

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Refinancing Your Home Before the Holidays

Refinancing Your Home Before The Holidays

Historically, home sales tend to decrease during the holiday season, making it difficult to sell your fix and flip as quickly as a real estate investor may like.  This often leaves real estate investors only a couple of different options to choose from until the market warms

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The Reality of Fix and Flips Outside of Reality TV

Fix and Flips: Reality VS Reality TV

Are TV fix-and-flips real? Fix-and-flip TV shows have become enormously popular over the last few years. In these episodes, you’ll often find photogenic families making enormous amounts of money in what seems like a short time. Using their remarkable insight into their local real estate market, they breeze

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Rental Investment Property

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Rental Investment Property

Choosing an investment property is an enjoyable and exciting part of any real estate project. If you are looking for a lucrative new rental property, it can also be one of the most important strategic steps you take. A great location makes it far easier to charge

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