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Capital Fund 1 is a trusted Colorado hard money lender dedicated to providing rapid, reliable, and flexible private money loans tailored to the diverse needs of real estate investors across the state. From bustling urban centers like Denver to the scenic landscapes of Aspen, our financing solutions are designed to support your investment ventures, whether you’re looking to flip a home quickly or fund a major commercial development.

Private Hard Money Lender in Colorado

As a leading private money lender in Colorado, Capital Fund 1 understands the nuances of the local real estate market. Our team of experts offers private money loans that are not only fast and efficient but also structured to meet each project’s unique demands.

We provide investors with the necessary resources to succeed in a competitive market, emphasizing a personalized approach to funding that traditional banks simply cannot match.

How Does Our Colorado Loan Process Work?

Our loan process is streamlined to ensure you receive the financing you need with minimal hassle:

  1. Application: Submit your loan application detailing the project and your investment strategy.
  2. Evaluation: Our team quickly reviews your application, focusing on the property’s value and your plan’s feasibility.
  3. Funding: Approval can come within 48 hours, followed by rapid disbursement of funds, ensuring you can start your project without delay.

Our Colorado Hard Money Loan Programs for Investment Properties

Capital Fund 1 offers a comprehensive range of hard money loan programs tailored to support your real estate investments in Colorado:

Fix and Flip Loans

Perfect for investors aiming to swiftly renovate and resell properties, our fix-and-flip loans offer short terms that facilitate rapid returns on their investments. This type of financing is specifically tailored to support quick market re-entry, helping you capitalize on property flips efficiently.

Buy and Hold Loans

Buy-and-hold loans feature favorable rates and extended terms. They are ideal for investors planning to hold properties and generate ongoing rental income. These loans support long-term investment strategies, providing a stable financial foundation for rental ventures.

Construction Loans

Our construction loans are designed to finance new builds and major renovations, offering the flexibility to manage projects from initiation to completion. These loans cater to developers and investors by providing substantial funding that aligns with project milestones and construction timelines.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans are crafted to bridge financing gaps, providing quick, interim funding until permanent financing can be secured. Ideal for covering immediate costs in commercial real estate ventures, these loans ensure continuous project momentum without financial hiccups.

Home Remodel Loans

Enhance the value and appeal of your properties with our home remodeling loans in Colorado, tailored for significant home improvements. Whether upgrading a kitchen or adding a new bathroom, these loans help increase property value and attract premium buyers or renters.

Trustee Sale & Foreclosure Auction Loans

Gain a competitive edge at auctions with our trustee sale and foreclosure auction loans, which provide the rapid financing necessary to acquire properties effectively. These loans enable you to bid confidently, ensuring you have the quick capital needed to seize opportunities at auction.

Multifamily Loans

Investing in multifamily real estates, such as apartment complexes and residential buildings, is easy, thanks to our tailored multifamily loans. These multi-family loans are specially configured to support the acquisition and renovation of larger residential properties, addressing the growing demand for housing and maximizing your investment potential.

Cash Out Refinance Loans

Unlock the equity in your existing properties with our cash-out refinance loans. This financial solution allows you to access capital for further investments or to cover other operational expenses, supporting liquidity and financial flexibility across your portfolio.

Refi Investment Property Loans

Optimize your investment properties with our refi investment property loans. These refinancing options are designed to improve your loan terms, reduce interest rates, and enhance cash flow, ultimately boosting your property’s profitability and your investment’s overall performance.

We Provide Hard Money Loans to Real Estate Investors Across Colorado

Capital Fund 1 extends its services to numerous locales within Colorado, ensuring that wherever your investments take you, our financial support follows. From the rapidly growing tech hubs to the quiet, picturesque towns, our loans help turn your real estate ambitions into reality.


Denver is a city brimming with opportunity, and our clients benefit from loans tailored to the fast-paced local real estate market. You can leverage swift transactions and successful investments without hard money loan programs.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs investors receive private lending solutions tailored for the region, benefiting from our in-depth understanding of local market trends and facilitating their success in this actively growing area.


Boulder’s vibrant culture and robust housing market make it an ideal location for our fast, hard money loans, which support residential and commercial investments and help investors capitalize on this dynamic environment.


In Aurora, we make it simple for investors to navigate the property landscape with loans designed for rapid acquisitions and profitable returns. With our lenders on your side, you can be ready to quickly adapt to market changes and opportunities.


Our hard money loan programs in Lakewood are designed to support a variety of investment strategies. They are great for everything from new construction to property flips, meeting the unique needs of the local market.


Aspen’s luxury market demands unique private lending solutions, and our loans meet this need by providing crucial support for high-end property investments and developments in one of Colorado’s most prestigious markets.

Commerce City

As Commerce City experiences growth, the need for flexible, fast financing increases. Our services are tailored to help investors capitalize on emerging opportunities quickly and effectively.

Why Use An Asset-Based Colorado Hard Money Lender Like Capital Fund 1

Choosing Capital Fund 1, backed by a team of asset-based hard money lenders in Colorado, means prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and speed in your real estate financing. Our approach focuses on the asset’s value, offering more substantial backing without the stringent credit checks and red tape of traditional banking.

Get Quick Cash With Hard Money Financing – Apply Today!

Take advantage of the opportunities in Colorado’s booming real estate market. Apply today with Capital Fund 1 and gain access to fast, flexible financing that lets you act quickly and decisively. Whether expanding your portfolio in Denver or entering new markets in Boulder, we provide the financial support you need.

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Why not boost your investment efforts with Colorado’s best hard money loans? Contact us today to learn more about our background as a trusted Colorado hard money lender or to discuss your specific financing needs.

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