It wasn’t long ago that your real estate investors were able to get conventional loans without questions… even on rehab houses. Some banks  had 10 property limits.

Gone are the days of no doc loans.

Average credit scores just don’t pass on conventional loans any longer. And forget anyone with tarnished credit.  If your clients do have good credit, they then face single property limits and rigid lender guidelines.

Their loans are scrutinized and end up in underwriting for weeks, if not months at a time.

Banks are overly conservative on appraisals. Their fees are high and cash-out refis aren’t even in their vocabulary…

After all of these changes, private hard money lenders have continued to loan money to real estate investors even during the tough economic times.

In fact, MORE private hard money loans are being made than ever before!

Just evaluate the fundamental principle of a Capital Fund I private hard money loan to the Conventional loan requirements:

  • No credit requirements, financial statements, or income verification
  • In-house underwriting and doc prep, so loans can fund as fast as 24 hours from time of approval
  • Easy qualification funding for REOs, trustee sales, short sales, and cash-out refis
  • Loans for foreign nationals
  • Interest only payments


  • No points
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Only a one-time doc prep fee that beats out all the rest of the hard money lenders in Arizona

Capital Fund I is exactly what your real estate investors need to be successful in today’s market. Right now we are running two programs that cater to your investor’s unique needs.

Funding with hard money allows your clients to make more than one purchase at a time. Give us a call today if you’re ready to move forward with your investment purchase.