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Why do hard money lenders lend on purchase price rather than appraised value?

In the past, many hard money lenders based LTVs on a properties appraised value rather than purchase price. But as the market continually shifts, this practice no longer exists. Private lenders have a good reason to do so. Current properties are selling far below appraised value and

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Invest in Arizona Real Estate with Hard Money Lenders

Private lending has emerged as one of the safest and most reliable forms of funding for investment home purchases. As a trustee sales or foreclosure investor, have you  discovered the value of a hard money loan?

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Why Rehab Investors Need Hard Money Loans in Arizona

It wasn’t long ago that your real estate investors were able to get conventional loans without questions… even on rehab houses. Some banks  had 10 property limits. Gone are the days of no doc loans. Average credit scores just don’t pass on conventional loans any longer. And

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What Type of Risk-Taker Are You As An Investor?

Rather than spending your life fearing risks, you must learn to manage them. Especially if you are investing in real estate. In fact, no one ever made money investing in the Arizona real estate market without taking a risk. A vast majority of very wealthy individuals know

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Working with a Direct Hard Money Lender

Until recently, hard money was likely the least used and most misunderstood lending platform in the mortgage industry. The bank deregulations made it easy for borrowers to find cheap money easily, without having to come up with a huge down payment or provide any proof they could

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Are You Spending Your Savings Wisely?

As the real estate market continues to downturn, it’s an opportune time for investors to take advantage of monster deals. In a recent interview with Real Estate Magazine, Joe Clement of RE/MAX Properties in Colorado Springs noted, “People are realizing that having money sitting in a savings

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Is Cash-Out Refinancing Right for You?

If you have equity in your home, you may feel tempted to do what your neighbor did or your co-worker was talking about doing the other week: a cash-out refinance. Before you decide to dip into your home like a savings account or a credit line, it’s important

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Phoenix Ranked 8 of 10 Best Cities for Rental Investments

In a report published on CNN Money News, Phoenix was ranked number 8 on a  list of 10 best cities to purchase rental investments homes. According to the report, Phoenix was the posterchild for the housing bubble, with pricing increasing annually in the double-digits during the boom.

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Understanding Different Home Sales Categories In Phoenix

The nature of the seller in Phoenix’s market has changed tremendously over the past 10 years. Of the 10,000 homes sold in June 2001, nearly all of the homes sold were either resale from seller to buyer or new-home sales. Auction homes were unheard of and Fannie Mae homes

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Phoenix Real Estate Market Isn’t So Cut and Dry

According to a news report in AZCentral, the Greater Phoenix Metro areas’ market has fractured into numerous different niches. Some experts claim that homeowners feel trapped in homes they can’t sell, while others say real estate agents can’t find enough inventory to keep up with the demands

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