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Phoenix-area housing: Today’s land sales, tomorrow’s growth

A recent article by Catherine Reagor of “The Arizona Republic News” caught our eye. We feel she has some good insights on the current and future Phoenix housing market. You will find excerpts from her article below. We hope you enjoy! Steady improvement in metro Phoenix’s new-home market has

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Luxury Home Market Recovering

As we bring in the New Year, it is time to look at recent market trends and make predictions for 2013. Here are some excerpts from Kristena Hansen’s recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal about the Luxury Home Market in Phoenix. Enjoy. A new report from

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Forecast by John Burns: Metro Phoenix Land and Housing

We recently attended a presentation by John Burns at the 2013 Metro Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast. At this event Burns discussed the future of Phoenix’s land and housing market.  Below is a quick summary.   Plan for the Future Looking Ahead at 2013 Assuming our leaders in DC come

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5 Common Fix & Flip Mistakes to Watch Out For

  Fixing and flipping can be a double-edged sword for a lot of real estate investors. While there are many benefits for most investors, others may miss out on these perks because of certain errors that cost them their time, money, and energy. Here are some examples of the

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Finding the Money to Make Money

  With the real estate market finally on the rise, now is the time to hop on the real estate investment train and ride it to prosperity.  The problem is that you may not have the money to get started, bank loans are hard to come by,

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House Construction Fastest Since April 2010 – Permits Highest Since March 2010

New housing construction rose in August, boosted by the strongest pace of single-family home starts in more than two years. Per the Commerce Department in Washington, construction of single-family houses climbed 5.5 percent to a 535,000 rate, the fastest since April 2010. Permits for the building of

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Why do hard money lenders lend on purchase price rather than appraised value?

In the past, many hard money lenders based LTVs on a properties appraised value rather than purchase price. But as the market continually shifts, this practice no longer exists. Private lenders have a good reason to do so. Current properties are selling far below appraised value and

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Invest in Arizona Real Estate with Hard Money Lenders

Private lending has emerged as one of the safest and most reliable forms of funding for investment home purchases. As a trustee sales or foreclosure investor, have you  discovered the value of a hard money loan?

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Why Rehab Investors Need Hard Money Loans in Arizona

It wasn’t long ago that your real estate investors were able to get conventional loans without questions… even on rehab houses. Some banks  had 10 property limits. Gone are the days of no doc loans. Average credit scores just don’t pass on conventional loans any longer. And

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What Type of Risk-Taker Are You As An Investor?

Rather than spending your life fearing risks, you must learn to manage them. Especially if you are investing in real estate. In fact, no one ever made money investing in the Arizona real estate market without taking a risk. A vast majority of very wealthy individuals know

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