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Recently Funded: New Construction from Good Borrower

Phoenix Construction Blueprints
  • Loan Amount: $230,000
  • Interest Rate: 11.9%
  • Loan Term: 12 Months
  • Property Type: Single Family Residential
  • Loan Type: Construction Loan

This borrower has done multiple loans with us, and in this subdivision he has successfully built and sold many homes using the same floorplan he has chosen for this site.  He is able to be so successful because he gets to know a neighborhood and the comparable properties and homes within it, and consistently creates a product that has proven to work for him, at a reasonable sales price.

If you’re interested in a sneak peek of what a completed home of this borrower’s looks like, you should check out of success story blog about the New Home Completion.  We’ve worked with this borrower for many years now, and as always it’s a pleasure working with them.

Are you in need of a construction loan?  Capital Fund I works with you to get you financed fast!

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