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June 2016 Recently Funded Loans – New Floorplan and Overhaul in Scottsdale

Interior remodel

Sometimes a fix and flip is more work than simply updating the aesthetic appeal to a home.  Sometimes, like in the case with this recently funded loan, a complete overhaul is needed.  This borrower created a whole new floor plan for this home in Scottsdale, as well as update features so as to provide a wonderful home for buyers soon.  Our borrower will be sure to turn a nice profit on this home, rewarding them for all their hard work.

  • Loan Amount: $624,000
  • Rate: 12%
  • Term: 12 months
  • Loan Type: Construction loan
  • Asset Type: Residential

Need funding for your next Fix and Flip? Call Capital Fund I at 480.889.6100 to learn how we can help get your next project funded.

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