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Finding the Money to Make Money


With the real estate market finally on the rise, now is the time to hop on the real estate investment train and ride it to prosperity.  The problem is that you may not have the money to get started, bank loans are hard to come by, and you may not have the experience that veteran real estate investors do.  How can you get started now while the market is still low?

“One of the most valuable real estate investing skills is having the ability to find capital when you need it.” – Justin Pierce of the Washington Post wrote on 10/17/12.

Naturally, many people turn to banks for a loan when they need money.  They may not realize that there are other places to obtain a loan that will likely fit their financial needs and time constraints more precisely. There is a reason that many experienced real estate investors are turning to hard money lenders to fund their investments. 

They have the money and it is ready to lend.

Hard Money Lenders are simply investors looking for worth-wile investments to hold the money they already have.

They have the knowledge to help you.

Hard Money Lenders are on your team.  They want your investment to be successful and many of them have the knowledge and experience necessary in real estate, land, construction etc.

They can create a plan specifically for your needs. 

Hard Money Lenders have more flexibility to create specialized financial solutions for each of their clients.  No more “prescribed formats” that you would have to work around if you took out a conventional conforming loan from a bank.

They can get you the money fast.

You will be able to obtain the capital you need more quickly if you choose to borrow from a hard money lender.  Many hard money lenders have in house underwriting, which permits a prompt response to your loan request so you don’t have to waste your time waiting to invest.  Good luck acquiring a loan from a bank in a timely manner… find a hard money lender if you need the money quickly!

They are safe and structured.

New investors may fear that private money loans are less structured. However, just like traditional bank loans; private money loans undergo investigation and documentation.  All title, escrow and legal details are performed and confirmed.

Capital Fund I provides a variety of loan programs to fit individual client’s needs.  Some of their more popular loan packages include: Fix & Flips, Buy & Holds, Commercial Bridge Loans, and Construction/Land & Lot loans.  However, they know that there is no loan program that fits perfectly with all clients’ needs and that is why they will adjust any program to deliver a specialized loan package to each client.  This Hard Money Lender not only provides quick funding and exceptional service; they are experienced in real estate, land, and construction investments and can offer advice on your investment opportunities.

Team up with Capital Fund I, and let their money make you money!

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