Promote Your Project with Social Media

You might be missing out on potential buyers of your investment property by not posting about it to social media. In fact, you could begin marketing your property even before you’ve completed the fix part of the flip. Using social media to show the demo, interior design picks, and the process of it start to finish is becoming a popular method to market the property before it hits the MLS. So how do you go about it?

Know the Tools

There are many forms of social media available for us all to use. For the purpose of showing off your real estate investment through Instagram and Facebook will be the best to go with as they have the greatest number of active users (over 3 billion combined). Another reason why these will work as some of the best tools for you is because of the ability to target potentially interested buyers and agents with the use of adding location, tags focused on real estate and interior design, and can be used as a resource of networking with agents, interested buyers, and other real estate investors like yourself.

To help keep a theme going with your page, create a separate Instagram page to showcase your remodels. You don’t need a new email to start one, and switching between your accounts is quite simple (go to your page, click the top left of the app, and choose which account you want to be in).

Now that you know the tools, it is important to know how to use them. Ask yourself and do some research into what tags other real estate investors, agents, and builders are posting to their Instagram? Something common we have seen with remodels is using hashtags (#) such as #remodel #interiordesign #realestate and even throw in the name of what they are calling that project.

Where to Find Content

Content is King in the marketing world, and when it comes to real estate content can be found just about anywhere. As an example, say you are just about to begin the demo on your recent purchase, snap some quick “before” pics to post of the home (save them for additional content later), then go to town on the demo and record some fun videos of breaking down a wall, removing old flooring, and getting down and dirty. Everything you do related to what the final product will be is content you can share with our audience.

Stockpile your content for posts such as showing before and after pictures, throwback Thursdays, coming soon, and for reminding your followers of open houses you may host. This will save you time in preparing posts to share to Facebook and Instagram. Additional tools like Planoly can help you plan and schedule your posts to Instagram in advance.

Knowing When to Post

If you’ve ever attended one of those classes hosted by a title company about social media for real estate, then you’ve likely been told that the best times to post about it is on Tuesdays. What you might not know is what the best times are to post for your following and how frequently.

Typically posting at between 11 am to 1:30 pm or anytime between 6:30 pm to 9 pm. This is because of when people will be looking at their Instagram or Facebook. Think to yourself, when do you look at those apps on your phone? When you’re eating lunch, or at or after dinner. Knowing that now, use that to apply to other days of the week to decide when to post.
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