Full Job Description

The Real Estate Analyst is charged with assisting in the day to day operations within the Asset Division. This includes providing valuations on potential loan requests, becoming the main point of contact for borrowers requesting draws for construction, and assisting in the management or liquidation of properties taken back through foreclosure.


We have funded over $1.2 billion in investment real estate loans over the last decade. Set up as a fund, we have an obligation to place our investor’s money into safe and lucrative real estate deals.

This is a short-term lender for investment real estate, specializing in loans for fix and flip real estate investors, buy and hold purchases, commercial bridge loans, construction and development loans, and land acquisition loans. This results in a fast-paced environment when working with trustee sales, real estate auctions, or other types of purchases that require closing a loan in as quickly as 24 hours. We pride ourselves in providing fast responses, sending loan quotes in 24 hours or less, and providing flexible financing options to our borrowers. We are a team of real estate industry professionals with experience in investing, construction, development and market research. We pride ourselves in fast responses, loan quotes in 24 hours or less, and providing flexible financing options to our real estate investor borrowers.


Underwriting Responsibilities:

  • Value properties that are due for loan extensions.
  • Organize underwriting files
  • Research property information
  • Conduct market research and survey data for Capital Fund 1’s Quarterly Report

Draw Responsibilities:

  • Educate new borrowers about our draw process and requirements
  • Assist borrowers with the preparation and submittal of construction loan draw documents (i.e. request forms, vendor payee listings, lien waivers and excel budgets)
  • Follow up with borrowers regarding the status of their draw requests
  • Reaching out to borrowers that submitted an incomplete draw package
  • Inspect properties to ensure work has been completed

Loan Request Due Diligence Responsibilities:

  • Analyze borrower submitted documents for new loan requests to investigate potential risks or discrepancies
  • Confirm property information via tax records and county assessors’ sites
  • Validate borrowers’ income and expense projections
  • Contact market professionals to validate assumptions made on specific deals
  • Present specific deal-points to the underwriting team with the intent of reducing deal-specific risk

REO Management:

  • Assist with scheduling/hiring clean-up crews for properties the company takes back and owns while trying to liquidate
  • Assist with the analysis and due diligence that gives the department enough information to make the decisions on whether to liquidate as is, fix up and sell, or fix up and hold onto as a rental.


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday