Full Job Description

Scottsdale-based REIT/Debt Fund is looking to expanding its lending operation team. Founded in Arizona and with additional offices in Denver and Dallas, we are excited to continue our growth.


Job Title

  • Marketing Associate/ Marketing Data Analysis/ CRM Manager/ Data Entry and Marketing Assistant

What is the job?

  • You will be assisting the VP of Market Data Analysis with maintaining the quality of our contact database, researching the current markets we serve and future markets we plan to enter, and utilizing software to find and build information for the company to help create marketing messaging.
  • You’ll be working frequently in excel and our contact database, so proficiency in Microsoft office and being a fast typist works to your advantage
  • You’ll be working in an environment that wants to help one another flourish and become the best versions of themselves possible. While this can be a fast-paced job, the team works together so the whole company can succeed.

What are my responsibilities?

  • CRM Management
    • Maintain upkeep of the contact database
    • Assist in updating and adding contacts as needed
    • Create and manage property fields
    • Categorize and deletion of contacts
    • Occasionally assist with sending marketing emails
  • Data Analysis
    • Microsoft Excel comprehension is a must
    • Some SQL is helpful, but not necessary
    • Understand building graphs and updating
    • Condense data in an easy-to-understand way for different company departments

What do I need to be successful?

  • Must have skills
    • Microsoft excel
    • Fast typist (60+ wpm)
    • Understanding of qualitative vs quantitative and how to track both to an extent
  • Would be nice
    • SQL experience
    • College
    • Real estate experience



Capital Fund is a short-term, direct lender for investment real estate, specializing in loans for fix and flip real estate investors, buy and hold purchases, commercial bridge loans, construction and development loans, and land acquisition loans. This results in a fast-paced environment when working with trustee sales, real estate auctions, or other types of purchases that require closing a loan in 24 hours. We are a team of real estate industry professionals with experience in investing, construction & development, and market research, priding ourselves in fast responses, loan quotes in 24 hours or less, and providing flexible financing options to our real estate investor borrowers.

The Debt Fund currently manages over $280mm of Private Investor capital and has funded over $1.7B in loans for thousands of investors.

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